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Digital Outdoor board for the Strickland mayor campaign.Digital Outdoor board for Felicia Corbin-JohnsonFront side of political "push-card".Back side of political "push-card".Digital  Outdoor board for Allison Brownlee.Voter Ballot for the "Round Table"Political Ballot GuideDigital Outdoor board for City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove.Digital Outdoor board for Judge Betty Thomas Moore.Political "push-card" for James Jones, front side.Political "push-card" for James Jones, back side.Back of political "Push-card" for Sara Kyle.E-mail blast for Sara Kyle.A digital outdoor "Vote Early" board.Political Ballot Guide - front side.Political Ballot Guide - back side.Front of political "push-card" for Sara Kyle.Invitation to a political fund raiser for Felicia Corbin-Johnson.Digital Outdoor board for Kenya Brooks.Mailer for Thurston Smith - front side.

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