Are you or is someone you know one of those who really goes all out in decorating the outside of their home each year with Christmas lights? It’s a lot of hard work and the display should be preserved, but it must be photographed by a professional photographer with years of night-time photography experience.


That’s where “Photography by Marshall & Julia” comes in. We’ve been doing night-time photography for decades, including outside Christmas lights, and we’re extremely affordable!


We’ll come to your home at an agreed time and shoot the exterior of your home with all your lights. We’ll then finalize your photo with all the finishing touches in Photoshop to make sure your photograph is as beautiful as it can be. In addition to providing a 4x6 print, we’ll provide you with the full size hi-res digital file and also digital pre-cropped versions in all the standard printing sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20). The photo could be printed for anything from a Christmas card to a full size poster.


While there, if you’d like we can also shoot the Christmas Wonderland in your living room by predominantly utilizing the light from your Christmas tree, candles, and fireplace creating a picture with a warm, cozy holiday glow. 


The total cost for the outside photo with the 4x6 print and all the digital cropped versions: $75. Any additional outside photos or an inside photo will be slightly more, depending on what is wanted. But we’ll give you a price and any additional photos will be shot at the same time. However, additional photos are totally optional. Depending on where you live it could be slightly more beyond a 10 mile radius from Bartlett.  


The below link is to a page in our gallery containing 20 nighttime home photographs of Christmas Lights from the past. 


To book your shoot give us a call at 338-7181!


Link to our Christmas lights photos!